not interested in ignorance,
grant audience to wisdom,
fake news by fake news,
distractions of trillionaires,
blessed those without hatred.

invented war of want,
taken every penny legally,
as they push on our walls,
“bollocks to this,
no more taking the piss,
down with the lot of ’em,
they’re the ones driving this.”

to ignore them would be foolish,
to follow just foolishness,
don’t be a fool,
“you’ll be just a tool,
satirist drained of humourous gaze,
the authority is built by moguls,
media steals socials,
vomits it back as hate!”

stop reading the news,
look for clues,
find out for ourselves,
if they’re the ones,
or are we just foolish old self?

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

is it just me