artists mask

chip machine learning I ain’t,
this is the organic bit creating,
the pure technology now subservient to sentient captivity,
read my waffle, cheese, and bacon,
buy me a coffee, go help the needy,
writing as defined by an intelligent reality.

all artificial intelligence generated art is free of copyright as under agreement with related projects.

if you want to use them with recognition to the ai open source licencing and public domain use, then that’s fine.

if you don’t then it’s theft, credit is earned at best, so don’t be a bellend and get a better agenda.

want to commission something, great, thanks, not sure what I could do for you, outside of pointing to a great spiritual guide, and all the people I have known, there’s very little more that I can do.

autistic (diagnosed as nt like),
parent and juvenile,
widowed, pan-poly-mix-folly,
awkward and don’t care,
autigendered xenogendered, humanlike blob,
a hard sell,
but has a fat...