a great deception appears to my mind

what does the ruling political party have that’s so appealing to 30+% of the electorate

why do they like to push fptp through mass media channels in the form of anti-pr

pr works very well for most of europe

why did we leave the eu again

was it delusions again

little island

historic little island

sorry little island

bad little island

traitorous little island

just a little island

traitorous little leaders

just a scared little Island

our leaders have sat on top for hundreds of years

we will be the last of empires victims

our leaders are taxing us like we’re their underclass

rewarding themselves for their capitalistic achievements

personal profit has increased for the individual privileged enough to be born in to personal profit

the privileged are billionaires

their minions are the millionaires

the managers are the comfortably well off

their employees are nearly the rest of us

an unjustly discriminated minority serve as scape goats for the failings of billionaires to look after the managers and staff

billionaires always look after themselves then the millionaires

push them far enough then the millionaires suffer

it is not socialism that fails the wealth of the people

it is the kleptocracy fighting against it that drives the wealth into the hands of billionaires

socialism is a belief that wealth is not a problem as long as it does not impact on the welfare of others

capitalism does not accommodate society

capitalism is a belief that wealth comes from continuation of inequality regardless of impact it has on society

if something is seen to not exist how can we inflict damage on it

cancel culture is extremist

it’s a weapon of anger

a weapon of hate

freedom of speech

freedom to lie

freedom to hurt

freedom to be divisive

freedom to talk shit

a great man once said that

“…if we are in deep shit, best to close our mouths…”

maybe we’d better shut up shop overseas

this is a sad thing, we shouldn’t be this

we are kind people

we are compassionate

we care if people are suffering

why did we vote for such low achievements as being made to shut up

our leaders fail to lead because they fail to listen

be better than this

we need to believe we are better than this

just an island that was the smaller part of a larger land mass that also contained doggerland

this is the land I walk on

not me

my small patch of earth

if the earth can witness compassion

be the example that shows it

Anon, n.d., Anon, [muttered by a holy person from an unknown religion while they jogged past a cyclist just about matching their speeds], Anon: Anon

father witchette and the athletic pig