a predator makes no noise,
nothing threatening in their voice,
their fangs don't slurp,
their claws won't hurt,
and I think I'm one of their toys.

they may charm your eyes,
woo your whys,
and compliment you when you burp.

they may sing your tune,
your ear flirting with the moon,
it may sound like tripe,
goosebumps in the night,
but wow, how they make you swoon.

criticise your looks,
make fun of your books,
and take your sanity while you twerk.

he picked up a weapon,
pointed it by someone else's pen,
got shot in the heart,
after he voiced verbal fart,
took his life for his only friend.

maggots feed through their veins,
red terror ironically explained,
keep them confused ex commander in chief.

a predator makes no noise