a voice just asked who is inkeystring

there was only silence

another asked who or what is the touched meme

meme are virtual

nothing more than behavioural patterns we recognise as part of our lives

my life doesn’t work like most people’s

don’t get me wrong I’m human

but when you show me a common meme there is a high likelihood that I will pretend I relate to what you show me

our worlds seem to overlap

but the way you see it eludes my poor mind

all I see is suffering now

all I see is pain

your world is dying

your empires are falling to the truth of history

this stain of blood does not come out

every tribute an elaborate illusion conjured by the media

this is the truth, there is no true or false, only suffering and it’s causes

to give allegiance to any other than the notion of world peace is a fearful mind

you give credence to this manipulation of the people

“you say I did it, I said I didn’t”

what is your definition of a good source of truth

so what is inkeystring & the touched meme

nonsensical warblings of a still older than they look geezer

nah he’s just the messenger

inkeystring is the mirror of the touched meme

inkeystring is the moon

the touched meme is the flames of rage that once burnt unimaginably bright long ago

now just a spirit living in a shell and occasionally laughing about it

anyone else feel the same

Anon, n.d., Anon, [non-anon-a-nonagon-ariston-andon-andon-], Anon: Anon