let’s trade in bitcoin,

it’s low but might boing,

maybe ethereum for non-fugibles,

gifs of apes wearing golden apples.

polygons for my weird things,

with no tangible feelings,

I don’t understand how it works,

value placed on these murks.

nothing to hide in my mattress,

just virtually interconnected distress,

where’s my cardano,

floating somewhere, I dunno.

decentralised consensus of value,

program cleverer than me and you,

my work out there as pixels,

with prices in small decimals.

copyright is not a given,

feels like I’m scamming them,

so maybe a slap up posh meal,

added value for the buying fool.

I just hope there’s no sun flares,

electropulse erasing out our fares,

buy now while the price is low,

there’s a link down below.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString


anyone for afternoon nft