arm and apple

arm and apple

from acorns are born,
great showing politicization,
a failure to envision,
arms ubiquitous ambition.

apples are fruit,
just the fleshy parts,
feeding the hordes,
take over and dominate,
open market now gated.

the arm has the clout,
the apple has no doubt,
but they wear some robes,
stolen from someone else’s clothes.

I don’t doubt,
mightest of clouts,
troll’s leaders,
mysterious dictators,
most recognisably hated,
what family would take it?

in the lofty heights of the rich,
the rest are their itch,
theirs to scratch,
beat down clawback,
grind into hell.

do they sound like good people?
or is it their teachings?
do they lose their feelings?
or lie to continue to steal things?

educate only seeking truth,
abstract and relevent,
more so in the torrent,
avalanche of ignorance
and hatred.

seek your truth,
how are you?
seek the mirror,
dharma of truth.

ოᥱ𝙤Ⴝ, 2023, offered as a kindness to anyone, this is for sharing not profit, thanks.