the destination of the fooled,

the empire island,

this one’s wet and mild.

the romans with their scandals,

poor sex tips,

crooked handles,

this one’s little more than a child.

the reptoids with their upper crust,

their long tongues,

their street musk,

this one’s sticky and wild.

the clowns that control finance,

made up frowns,

depressive stance,

this one sprays it’s fluids.

the bankers are squarely coming,

darting arrows,

dodging thumbing,

this one’s got eyes on the druids.

the all seeing eyes of the elite,

celebrity flares,

entourage fleet,

this one’s got sight and cupids.

the story of some empires,

never die,

always tempered,

these ones never understood the buddha.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

atlantis once ruled