we demonise others,
we dehumanise ourselves,
no more are we people,
we're just shadows of hell.

turn them back,
let them swim through the cack,
go back to where you came from,
or we'll give you a smack!

the english know cruel,
ruled by the fool,
only out for themselves,
tory thieves as tory smells.

charming buffoons,
just seaside cartoons,
silly hair cut sweating,
blowing party balloons.

blame the foreigners,
blame the scroungers,
blame the seekers,
blame the lefties,
blame the trannies,
blame the fannies,
blame the people,
blame the water,
blame what caught'er
blame the slaughterer,
blame the minister,
blame the moguls,
blame company totals,
blame billionaire toadstools.

watch them fly,
carbonising the sky,
landing on mars,
watch earth die for their tales.

watch them gasp,
snap their last,
on that red cold ball,
let them call it the past.

what's happening?
daily fail printed it!
whinge your suffering
to somebody else.

snort their derision
at the television,
mocking morality,
whist dirtying themselves.

the english know now;
we caused it, cruelty won us,
no worries, stiff wallies,
murdoch's little corner of hell.

choose to demonise others