the human animal is a sociopath,

selfish genetics according to some old faff.

always looking out for itself.

when it goes too far

psychopaths make a big scar

on the bodies of everyone else.

give them money,

give them power,

make you stare up their barrow.

stop paying them money,

stop giving them power,

they show no signs of compassion and empowerment.

because they’re rich?

because our brains are sick,

drowning in their mire.

how do we feed everyone?

bring back the balance,

the wisdom.

not the festering spores

that spurt from their stores,

consumerism is eating itself.

don’t panic,

there’s a way,

be patient and contemplate.

it’s not for all, I accept this,

and respect this view,

I will take that hit to my heartfelt wish,

but I guess I’m not really going anywhere.

I accept my bias,

the wisest,

the kindest

give to all.

if this offends you,

I will get my coat,

and leave you without any doubt,

thus I have read

don’t just believe what was said.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

compassionate evolution