neurotypicals are worth saving,

just don’t put them in charge,

look what they’ve done to themselves,

before we look at what they’ve done to us.

the ignorance was forgetting that experts are experts for a reason,

the reason being reasoning,

something humans should do very well.

so does humanity,

choose such criminality,

that sees the death of others as acceptable.

if you buy into this shit,

then ya proper tit,

a fucking wanker,

a useless old git.

so what neurotype are you,

if you say typical it ain’t true,

it’s always you and all of them,

always has been,

always will be,

individual as the fantasy,

an extreme view,

us or them,

the default,

of animal like men.

not godly,

not pious,

spinless false gurus.

be your type,

respect their hype,

be kind to your grandchildren.

the future will come,

maybe heaven for some,

but if the path matches the destination,

then old hippies burn the house down,

now we’re all on fire,

because their savings expired,

and the destination looks like hell.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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