democracy serves society not the government

policing serves society not the government

armed forces serve society not the government

society is the 99% that are not obscenely rich

take a look at your bank balance

take a look at what you have for serving the 1%

is it fair that you work all those hours

is it fair that you get so little in return

this is not serving society

how can we change

start with finding your own peace of mind

then just be an example of compassion, love and kindness

anger has only served to create more hatred

hatred has only led to more suffering

we all suffer

money, wealth and prosperity had never brought anything other than more narcissistic self serving behaviour

if you are rich please support and share the generosity that was the cause of your own great wealth

tell us all how you became a billionaire

if it serves society then society needs to know how to become a billionaire

but this is a matter for the concept of individual conscience

Anon, n.d., Anon, [scrawled on the withered heart of a long dead mummified leader as a reminder], Anon: Anon

I saw it in the corner of your house