old tory goat,

the darkness that follows you

doesn’t feel guilt.

I can only watch as the snake

rounds the corner of your vision

before it finally takes.

be kinder,

be good for xmas,

everyday is heavenly business.

the iron bitch slap is coming,

like toilets running into rivers,

that falls on beaches and quivers.

a land mass growing from crap and faeces,

lies and trickery is all they know how to be.

the thing make things great,

had been shown to be a con,

a lie built on fantasy,

bullshit and fuckery.

I apologise in advance,

because round these parts,

we just call them cunts.

political cunts I should add,

as there’re other cunts that ain’t bad.

back to my point,

the shadows that follow,

are sanguine and hollow,

definitely life,

just so much less so.

they bring disease,

pestilence and pee,

the horsemen of the fucking hypocrisy!

not sure if it’s wisdom,

not judgement,

just criticism.

an opinion if you wish,

just taking the piss

out of someone’s political religion.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

don't look behind you