why do we worship the self?

what is the self?

how does it function?

is it in its parts?

the collection?

other than this?

in analysis its mere concept,
conventionally based manifestations,
dependant upon a previous,
conclusions of nonexistent
would be nonequivalent.

in the ultimate analysis,
based on observations
of experience,
the final realisations,
the path of no more resistance.

echo chambers that are unkind,
trolled by misery and hatred,
I block this despite
the fascists telling me
it’s their right
to be listened to.

social media ran its course,
it boring,
and lecherous.

face to face is dangerous,
some can’t do it,
“but troll needs outlet,
or ‘eel go out ‘is head.”

does the friend
talk of malice and discontent?
or do they encourage peace,
foster kindness,
the bliss of silent release.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

echo chamber