capitalism is a predator

if you don’t bow to it, it kills you

kills you anyway

it’s the snake eating it’s own tail



I prefer to take the pathway out of this cycle

rebirth concerns me more than dying

don’t give a crap if you disagree, sorry

we can argue, and we will both go away knowing we won

no point arguing about someone’s experience

no point arguing about someone’s opinion


don’t care, neh neh nehneh nehhhhh

I hear, I translate, I write, and the trolls would like a meal

I don’t feed trolls, don’t you read your folklore

don’t feed the trolls, they gobble down anything you give them, and cry a river of crocodiles when called out on their bs

troll minds are temporary, they die like all others

they will be the influencers and experiencers of their own selfmaking

joy and happiness is a lot more rewarding than the impotent powerhit of taking someone down a peg or two

yeah, I said trolls have limp dicks and that’s why they do what they do

hah, I care, they need to stop now before society decides that the freedom they have will be permanently shutdown by government

trolls only serve their masters, whether they know it or not

that’s one of the few conspiracy theories that has credence in my world, it makes financial sense to the stupidly rich

trolls, bots, and “limp dicked” gone to work for the rich master

do they enjoy the scraps their masters throw to them

I imagine them as Gollum, they even talk like them

anyway, trolls are the neolibs limp dicked attack dogs, get hold of one of them and they snap like chicken bones

trouble is the neolibs have fascist teeth, them I’d avoid

best to give them a big burger and fries

make’em fat and keep them docile, we need democratic socialism

put the fat, gammony, f***knuckled, facist, meatwaving, strimpbeefing, crown pint glassed, team supporting, domestic abusing, walking hellbeing, and all white vanned mail on someday reading c***b****cks on special benefits for life

which won’t be long if their regular drinkers and burger eaters


peace and love is meant, I only abuse states of mind, not people

all people suffer without exception

all people wish to be free from suffering

all people wish to be happy

this is commonality, this is the preferred state of mind, it’s universally true for all living beings

Anon, n.d., Anon, [make me], Anon: Anon

fluffy little thought