for some love grows around it,

for others it claws at their insides.

all the missing time not passed,

the numb feeling of the cursed.

to experience this long time being,

without the one who gave it meaning.

“..look to the future..”

the false vision of a happy end,

the misery of continued existing,

in a world without her,

my obsolete dreaming.

no new hope, only hoping,

when will this stage end.

there’s no order to this pain,

no insight to be gained,

closing my eyes not wishing.

if the truth be told,

it’s too sad to be heard,

and sympathy is not what’s needed.

if I could start again,

I would choose alone over pain.

never to have heard a sweet word,

felt the hug of the one you love,

been humoured because of our gravity.

just another poem about lost love,

the tragedy of uncertainty,

to lose myself I could bare,

but without her I don’t care.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

grief for some