every living being has been,

countless others in the past,

all of those others,

have been my mothers,

wasn’t that nice?

sometimes they just mothered,

most of the time they’ve saved,

cradled me in my cries,

died to keep me alive.

all have done this countless times,

what have I done for myself?

I have followed my dreams,

down stinking pits of screams,

been the richest there was,

ignoring the poor,

killed animals to eat,

sometimes just cuz I can,

stolen more than I’d ever need,

been the cruelest you’ve seen,

said words that have destroyed,

rejoiced in those I demised,

died scared and torn,

regretting I’d been born,

been to hell after hell,

only with brief relief,

been a god for a time,

long before this world of mine,

that’s what I’ve done for myself!

all others have been kinder,

to me as my mothers,

than I could ever do for myself.

in this wisdom I rest,

take a deep breath,

and find answers to free everyone else.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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