I just really noticed that the days are getting hotter,

and the night feels so much colder,

“..that’s desert weather isn’t it?.”

but I live in England, it’s not been a desert before!?

I’m not designed to live in a desert, I prefer snow, rain, overcast and occasionally sunny and breezy.

that’s normal for a Brit, this desert heat is not,

this isn’t like 1976, that got to 35.9 °C (96.6 °F),

we now have a forecast of 40 °C (104 °F), that’s not normal or good to me.

the earth is warming very quickly, are we prepared for what’s coming? (that goes out globally, cuz it effects everyone living thing on earth.)

there’s no escaping it dinosaur humans,

time to decide;

do we grow big and numerous,

or small and sustainable?

the time of terrible empires, carbon-emitting industry, neoliberal capitalism and slavery of all kinds must end,

these are just a few of the things that cause our world’s problems.

it is through generosity that we prevent poverty, capitalism has failed to solve this for humanity,

it not only passively accepts the inequality,

it actively encourages destructive behaviour.

killing, stealing, sexual abuse, lying all below the acceptable level for civilised society to function,

would you disagree or abstain?

“..if so then well done, you’re stupidly rich and just getting richer!.”

“..bet those lazy british plebs are bitching again about starving, disease, destitution, and abuses of power..”

why opt for the devil?

why do the bad actions?

why make the bad actors into glorious leaders?

“..we admire the intelligence and wit of that ex-pm shit, what you gonna do about it..”

shame that old punk, the one with the eyes,

the air of a monk without any surprise.

“..call that a monk! you’ve seen nothing..”

they’re hardly noticeable behind their masking.

they learned to be unnoticed by the human folk,

just a harmless old bloke,

puppeting their truth vermouth in defective expats.

“..but I speak too much of myself, forgive me, what about you?.”

“..oh you’re fine, that’s great, now back to me having a party!.”

punishment is something the British know how to give,

“..do ya think our leaders have been taking the piss?.”

“..do ya think they need the taste of porridge all day?.”

“..how else do ya punish a traitor?.”

punishment will always come, doesn’t matter what we do,

no action is ever wasted, you just haven’t experienced it yet, old fool.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

"..he's on the spectrum.."