old man, why do you regret so much?

you did everything right,

like the right wing said,

but you failed in the end.

no wing with good conscience,

could we see the suffering of it’s own people,

as anything other than the prelude to mass disobedience.

40% vs 28.56 million,

“..ok, who’d ya bet on, eh..”

“..old etonian?.”

“..or disaster capitalism?.”

“..eh neoliberalist believism..”

“..kill us off slowly, the 60 percentile?.”

which side are you on?

do you own shares in the utilities?

do you ceo on the downlow?

do you pay the rising bills?

do they take your retirement pills?

your publicly owned services,

selling us to their accomplices?

worn them down since yuppy queen’s sell off,

underfund via hedge fund,

“..what does the monarch who owns the lot think about their government selling it orf?.”

“..old etonian milk cans!?”

“..what about population growth?.”

don’t control, education is the choice,

not between whether or not,

but always open to all,

“..FREE! the socialist buys back the country at discount, sharing it with the majority is paramount!.”

most likely me, most likely you.

for those that must exclaim that they were wrong,

congratulations, this is the first step to be strong,

my mask is a shield grown from what my guide has shown,

like any path seek those to take you away.

your guide may be a book,

a philosophy, a good look,

whatever it may be move joyfully.

with peace and faith blissfully.

recognising own potential for great good,

forgive the misunderstood,

get cleaning up the earth,

and shift away the bad turf.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

hoisted by my own facade