they’re on your side, one of yours, you know them,

they snide about who you hate, make you rake at more fear.

they’ll rarely speak of others, without mentioning themselves,

they make themselves important, you didn’t notice,

they became your ruler, not a prime minister, a criminal.

they started just fine, full of victory and pride,

now they swear because they don’t care.

a finger pointing to the sky,

insulting their maker’s magic pies,

the money tree does exists,

in the wrong hands we have capitalist fascist,

they want all you have.

do we fight? never fight, be at peace,

in that is the most effective shield against tyranny,

being at peace you move in the breeze of slightest of reads,

halt the advance of fascists spite,

we hold our round in the groundless of ground.

in peace wisdom can destroy all delusions,

the truth is now in our power, hold that truth at this hour.

the truth is at peace, if we check our apathy,

the apathetic are the demographic,

they’re ripe for the fantastic.

we need our allies, we need our iron monger,

“ us a wall so tall it keeps out the hate..”

“..britain hates britain, that’s true..”

but fails to know that we’re good at lots of other things too,

we make music, art, and stories,

now being banned by the tories.

not in your face, but defunded into disgrace,

britain is changing, rapidly changing,

we don’t even know who the prime minister is!

“..what a country, what a unmitigated farce!.”

“..mother of democracy, steamroller of the past..”

why don’t you remember all the good we can be?

it’s now time to rest, find peace, finally.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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