I follow very rich people to study why they don’t support the redistribution of wealth via trickle down economics.

Also, why do they assume socialism excludes capitalism? There are many countries that operate a balance between the two very effectively, not perfectly but effective enough.

Capitalism without socialism is nihilistic, without society what’s the point in coming together at all, may as well consume until there’s nothing left.

If a rich person shows me an good example, backing it up with their actions, I think they deserve their wealth.

I will leave that to you and your conscience.

Any rich person that supports this type of political view and backs it with affirmative action deserves to be rich.

Those that pray on the weak are predators, these I don’t follow.

They’re the real monsters that lurk in the darkness of our distracted world.

They take from all of us, capitalist vampires, their venom flowing through our veins and charming us with the empty trinkets.

Threatening us with starvation, hypothermia, poverty and death if we don’t buy into their protection racket.

These are our leaders, I don’t recognise their dharma, it is sick and dying to me.

They fight for wealth that offers no satisfaction in the end, “you can’t take it with you” my nan used to say.

The cruelty in the deliberate ignorance of the consequences of what we invest in is staggering.

To own a share of a company that trades with a regime that routinely breaks human rights is an evil action.

There’s no pulling punches, hell is a very real experience, ask anyone who really knows war.

Shutting our eyes, ears and not questioning truth to power will not prevent the consequences of evil actions.

“Live by the sword and die by the sword”, graphic idiom if simplistic.

I prefer to say “live in peace and only know peace”.

Anon, n.d., Anon, [a cuckoo blew the leaves into the shape of a lonely man sitting alone in a room full of ghosts and a mobile phone whispering these words into the empty space before him], Anon: Anon

they talk like a bird