treasonous for whom?

why would supporting people closest to our land be a bad idea, isn’t that what the European dream is?

a federation of member states that are friends with the US.

sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it.

so why is my gut telling me otherwise?

who fed me this information, was it the client journalist?

at the top the client CEO, big boss, number one employer.

more deserving than the rest, to the tune of billions, they think?

not true, just supported by the outer parties, we’re just the proles,

old fools that never break from the chains of the boss,

always desiring the kerching of the latest thing,

and dying by their weight that comes with this history.

are we more than the narratives others gave us,

our own stories, tales and our searches for truth.

so who tells me “who’s the enemy”, they say this thereabouts,

why do I not trust them, and give them the benefit of the doubt?

it’s something I don’t do, they’ve proven to me what they’re about,

they want all of our belongings, and we let them take them,

from the time to be humans,

to the futures of our kids,

the disaster capitalists, liars, and men or maybe pigs?

are these people or concepts? this is the discussion.

I lied it’s a monologue, now shut up and listen.

the old gods are still here, beneath our feet,

in the the sky they still whizz like their gods of the limitless, they’d do well to consider the eye of the sun.

that’s the real god of the monstrously large,

the biggest and fattest body of matter, just 8 light minutes away,

is this what is meant by the slang “christ on a bike”? no offense meant, I should add.

it just seems right when we consider the god of the sun,

our almighty giver of life and destroyer of stuff.

do we consider that we’re just stuff floating around a big ball of plasma?

that’s quite mad if you really think about it,

this is why to me most seem quite mad,

with their love islands of bronze, golden and rich,

or at least they wished that they had the wealth for these meaningless trinkets.

take our food and our shelter and I will call on the gods,

the ones that thunder and storm, raise the rivers to overflow,

can’t do this, I’m too small, too unwise, and just thick.

that’s what makes us feel better now, disarming the demon,

but what if the demon is nothing more than part of ourselves?

just another label we placed on this thing we call “self”.

so who protects me, ultimately, from hurting myself?

this is the realising your potential to be so much greater than Ra,

become fully enlightened,

the desired goddesses and gods of the 33 heavens,

will nod with respect and admiration

for those that keep peace,

keep compassion,

keep kindness,

keep fearlessness to their deaths.

they are the ones that develop minds of great wisdom,

the ones that respect all that lives, including the forgotten and hidden.

the one that watches the fly to protect it,

against the ones that care little for the sanctuary of life.

watch those that scorn the living that are dying just moments away,

past your doors and your streets, across the whole globe,

our deaths seem so small and so trivial when compared to the rest.

that is true in a way, but not quite on the mark,

our death as a stat is terribly tiny, but our worth as potential shines brighter than blighty,

not trivial, but no more important than all of the rest.

planet earth is changing faster than before,

no living memory has ever seen it, we have only old scriptures.

they talk of floods, disease, pestilence and plague,

they talk of gods, superior beings, saviours of people.

where are these gods now we’ve nearly forgotten them, not quite old ones,

you were just having a sleep,

great mother of earth, please be kind to those that care.

those that care for others with no reward from the society that’s divided by class, skin and bones.

they owe us nothing and we owe them less,

they lie to divide us, they’ve succeeded, but we can still moan these groans.

take my groaning and whinging from me then you take my Britishness,

it’s all shit, that’s just it, to any old Brit.

ask the Scots, the Welsh and the Northern Irish,

they say it’s shit, most of it,

do they want to acquit from being Brit?

the English are taught arrogance by a ruling elitist click,

we doth our cap while we shovel down all of their shit,

mop it up through our eyes, noses and mouths,

they’re killing our kids, can’t stand them messing with it.

they need to go now, leave, don’t ever come back,

they shamed their country, their people, and their own wives,

they shamed the earth and the life’s rarity,

they shamed themselves.

they show only semblance of contrition,

like a mask disguising their sneering grimacing.

their faces aged fast, that ruling class,

when they punch down to the ground.

they’d do well to read some Confucius, Lao Tzu as well,

they might learn how to govern with wisdom and balance.

instead we get manchilds and spoilt brats,

“inferior people”, translators have said, from Confucius I think,

these people in charge are inferior,

inferior to their potential to be the kindest of all.

imagine that, choosing a leader who is balanced and wise.

a leader who consults with others who are wise,

takes suffering from their people,

giving back the peace and safety we wish for.

let’s find those leaders after disarming the cretins in charge,

ask them to organise, direct and advise,

those that care more for others than their own lives.

these are the ones that inspire us all to be fearless,

the ones that do more to level the score against the poor odds.

those that never rise to personal jibes from the journalist’s client.

always balanced, never fazed by the hot air of the argument,

they’re the good ones, the ones that know how to make wine,

you know, the ones that are experts in something or other.

we need to listen far more to the silence that’s given,

not taken from us by thieves that stole our time,

or false profits that hide blood from under the noses,

the investor capitalist and their tools for making some dough.

they’ll keep the dough and sell it back at great profit as half baked bread.

this is killing me, and many more, to see all this pain,

my eyes dry more as I tire of compassion,

I try more to be kind, but my pride in my people is dying.

while our leaders seem like invaders, destroying our country,

they take more of what is us and flog it to the oldest of boys.

the need to be watched, just watched, and simply wished away.

this is the spell if you wish, the simplest of wishes,

don’t do harm and you will come to no unsightly endings.

so to answer the question, no it’s not treasonous to support humanity,

those who say otherwise look like fools and village idiots!

– Doti Mithowlin-Brow, 2022

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

if I said I was pro EU does that make me a traitor