they’d make themselves redundant quite quickly,

once they’d made it fair they’d be out of a here.

this is crazy, why would anyone want to be out of a job?

because they succeeded, the tory’s still there, they don’t care.

when will they succeed?

when they creates a 1000 year reich through thatcher’s mic, the 1000 year brexich is the bitch!

btw, PR is not to negotiate, labour needs to realise.

although if they could out my mp, a tory potpourri, then they could convince me.

but it’s pointless around here, the libdems play here, (the weak legged clegged wheelie bins)

but the libs seem to be good at running a council with tory party constituency backhanders! (may be unfair, fuck it!)

be green people, the earth is on the brink, we’re facing something far worse than uncollected bins!

the powerful know the future is burning, the rich hedge their bets on living in space!

but they did it, major culprits of this mess don’t own it,

the rich and the powerful destroy our lives, we let them for scraps they throw us in tax breaks!

can you afford your healthcare, no, then die, simple equation of the corporation.

privatisation of the NHS is a corporate crime, theft from the people committed by tories throughout time.

vote for the ukippy b.n.peey tories!

vote for the scum that put johnson’s bum on the seat of power! (bye bye boris!)

are you shitted for brains, do you hate yourself and family so much that you’d put nazis in charge!

30% will always be known as the ones that supported the deportation of the innocent,

support the tories, support fascism, their true face being shown in the inhumanity at their core.

you have no argument with me, you deserve to be in the dock of the Hague, facing war crimes and atrocities to humanity.

“..I did the right thing, I have morality, I never supported this rancid johnson regime!.”

if you believe in virtue, believe in the truth, love your people then you will know what I mean.

those that don’t I have no argument with, as I said, just line up over there for your time in the Hague.

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if the world had more Corbyns (aka how to live rent free in their heads)