you get what you wanted,

everyone else gets to choose,

and they all get to flaunt it.

if you didn’t vote,

no-ones as stupid,

your plight is your own,

regardless whether you wanted it.

but if the powers that be,

make you pay to elector-rate,

then it’s fascism

in its most hated state.

did you choose that,

while you stroked your cat?

are your countryfolk crap,

demand coin in their cap?

roses are red, violets are blue,

so are my toes, and red is my stool.

hard to get by

when you hear the child cry,

and choose, “..that’s key..”

to ignore all the rules

that encourages the cruel.

rise up and simply say no,

be peaceful and say no,

say no to our delusions,

our enemy that confuses,

say no to the best slice of cake,

say no to the last bread baked,

say no to the leaders that hurt,

say no to your own

to save them from the worst.

“..say hi to the sky..”

“..stay low to the ground..”

“ the birds fly..”

“..while you eat birds pie..”

“..silly old humans..”

“..brains too big for their bosons..”

time to slow down,

time to rest,

“..what’s your neopronouns?.”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

if you don't vote