I’m British, I’m disabled, I can trace my family name back to the Norman conquest of England, I’m not rich, I’m not poor… yet

I’m wary of who’s in charge

I think that makes me British, we don’t trust the people we put in charge, sounds stupid when put like that

I’m stupid for not shouting louder at the fools that keep putting untrustworthy people in charge of the country

I’m stupid for not being well enough to march down a street banging a drum and chanting

I’m stupid for not storming government and demanding basic human rights are upheld

yes, I’m British and I am that stupid

doesn’t matter that my vote has never been represented by those that take my tax money

first past the fracking post

thanks left to right wing scale

I’m not binary

I prefer consensus to conflict

Britain is traditional

it holds to conservatism like it once saved their lives

but it sold the family silver to the most convenient bidder

that’s what traditional conservative thinking has been doing since 1980s Thatcherism

oops, named names, showing my age

anyway, those that are in charge

it’s funny how closely their own behaviour mimics the behaviour of those they tell us are the enemy

be wary of who you allow in charge

Anon, n.d., Anon, [flinged upon a malcontent’s flibbertigibbet spun to unimaginable speeds], Anon: Anon