in the dark recesses of British history are horrors that the British are not taught about

state sanctioned racism, sexism, misogyny, slavery, genocide, some completed some did not not, but were attempted

all state sanctioned

every nation that was once an empire has the same appalling stories of terror and evil actions

to ignore it denies the darkness of our present

we may not have committed them ourselves, but we must bare witness to our past and be living examples of a people who know what their ancestors did

when our ancestors committed such acts they believed they were right as much as we believe we are right

this is nonsensical, knowing now what we didn’t know then is not an excuse to ignore it

know your ancestors

we are the products of their labours

their deference to a past that no longer carries validity

the fact empire is dying is a good thing

empires are colonialism

colonialism is a product of unregulated capitalism

once the people of an empire realise it was wrong is usually slightly too late

we must not divide ourselves

respect each others truths

this is the peaceful path

not even the rich are excluded in proportionally representative democratic socialism which uses capitalism for societal benefit

in this construct tax is preventive measure

it is used to benefit those that need it the most

guess what, those that need it the least are also the richest

so even in a socialist democracy there is room to make plenty of money

taking wealth from the poor disproportionately more than the rich is a confusing concept

if I was a medic on a battlefield and I am equally able to help either a fallen soldier shouting or the quiet one?

if the well nurished person asks for the last bit of pie, while the starving person asks the same, who do you help?

if the bullied is on the floor being kicked, do you join in the kicking, or do you find a way to stop it?

wealth is essentially a share of resources

is it fair that someone who works no harder than me can have over a thousand times more resources than me just because…

there are many reasons given

none are the truth to anyone but the one who says so

if you define me I define you

your face makes me happy when it’s really human hormones firing off

is it right to see myself as human when it’s not how I wish to be

I don’t feel like the organic product of a long evolutionary cycle

but in one way I am

what am I in other ways

what if they’re more important

if death meant eternal paradise would you not look forward to death?

if life was shit and you were told that as long as you don’t kill yourself you’ll go to paradise if you believe in what someone else says

you might take that offer

this is what politicians that will resort to perverting religion to gain power do

anyone who truly understands the essence of where good fortune comes from will be uninterested in power or followers

sometimes just being an authentic example of what you hold dear is enough to change the world you experience

what do we all hold dear, our lives, family, friends, jobs, country, the environment and ecosystem

all temporary

so why hold on so hard to something that was never going to last

there’s a truth that is unchanging in this

all phenomena are impermanent

Anon, n.d., Anon, [on a ruler that was balancing on the edge of a knife held in the grasp of a mind that believes things really exist in some kind of independent state], Anon: Anon

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