the pm is still unhinged,

maybe he’s ill, mentally so,

if so then should he be caretaker at all?

he needs a robust mental health service,

if you care about him,

get him help!

I fear for his health,

I don’t feel sorry for him,

he was warned constantly of what it would bring,

he did it anyway, now he’s too ill on a powerful pill.

power may corrupt, power does crave like a bugger,

same as “..more resources than we need..”,

same as “..damn the earth, more greed!.”

these addictions need treating, this definitely needs defeating.

so bring in the billionaire non-dom moguls,

make them explain why they’re here,

let’s hear their lies as they paint the skies,

a horrid shade of dead.

business uk should only be owned by those that pay their taxes, ok,

then we can plant more trees.

(less tabloids, more real news.)

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is he mentally ill?