in the wings of papers,

the horror looms like a potato,

or rather the potatoes they got,

and the ones we have not.

take food from others to feed our mothers,

but what of others’mothers?

am I the only one who has thoughts?

am I the last one left that is actually here?

no, I’m here as much as all others,

no more important, objectively, than another,

so from this disjoint in our thinking,

we jump straight to this point,

let it sink in.

make it a part of your life,

realising this great equalisation,

all living beings feel suffering,

all living beings wish for happiness.

this is a common truth, understandable by all who seek answers.

go find your teachers, the ones that are wisdom keepers.

the one that shows kindness, a kind of universal oneness,

no actual division between any form of life.

no DNA strand, no particles of sand,

no earth only space, a wide-open place,

so big that the earth’s infinitesimally small.

is that your palace of hope?

a universe full of stars,

that explode into supernovae,

leaving devastation in their wake,

“..sense this does not make..” [voice of yoda].

why pray to an empty universe full of darkness?

why abandon the light?

the universe is a wonderful ripple in the background of a hologram projected from a surface an infinite distance away.

in its entirety it’s imponderable,

impossible to say.

it’s all your fears and misery,

mixed with all your greatest tragedies,

from the beginningless beginning,

of endless stories of suffering,

until unit time reaches infinity,

and we see peace in the endless end.

why not dance in that peace?

in the chamber of the mind you are free,

don’t buy the sun or the mail,

try talking to your neighbours instead,

unless they’re sun or mail readers?

the divisions are quite clear,

stop hating the socialists,

stop hating the conservatives.

these people exists, 30% appears to be their average,

over the last year or three.

it’s quite clear that the conservative does not like the tories,

“..good game, old chaps, keep it up now, don’t you slack!.”

“..I just love the smell of clattering right wingers in the morning..”

leave them to it, they’re winning, finally, thank you conservatives.

you have done right proud, you ousted the malignant lout,

so why’s he still there?

“..don’t you care that this insult to your party is still shitting in your cream pies!.”

“..look who he’s appointed, the lout is a tory, an untrustworthy c..”

“..remember you’re a womble?.”

“..wombles are eco socialists, do you hate the wombles?.”

wombles animation, how could you do that to a womble, you utter c…

“..if they sit in the road and block my way, and I say what about the ambulances and police..”, what do I say?

they blocked your way and you choose to use the plight of a wantonly underfunded service that’s failing?

then I suggest you refer yourself to the beginning of my text, you didn’t read it,

did you, you ignorant c…

and if you did then thank you, it is kind that you do so, I speak nonsense sometimes just to make it rhyme(s).

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

is it good that the rich turn the poorer against each other?