uk as hot as spain,

didn’t have to pay for a plane,

sunning ourselves raw,

beachfront like africa.

living in new charterton on sea,

population fully employed by the city,

fully controlled by a minority.

this minority are rich, privileged and lucky,

they inherit their board of director’s jobs,

they keep it in the family.

sun keeps shining,

concrete keeps cool,

the trees are under glass,

the beach is covered in filth.

the employees of one of earth’s hells,

wished they could be somewhere else,

not trapped by their own sovereignty,

once willing investors in their calamity.

they were once an empire,

long ago, hard to believe.

they act like petulant children,

“..throwing their toys out the pram..”

“..cutting their noses off to spite their faces..”

“..chucking out their babies with the bathwater..”

hard to conceive why people would do this,

scared by their own press into believing the worse,

controlled by the moguls, barons, and terfs.

shouting at people who are trying to help,

destroy their peace with hatred and grief.

why did they choose those that cared only for themselves?

to me the tory will forever be in the same bracket as other fascists,

they expound the agenda of the national front, bnp and ukip,

the tories died after 2016,

they sold our score to the worse of their core,

please choose banning the tories as an extremist party,

neoliberalism has proven itself to be nothing but destructive to all life.

so enjoy your good summers,

they’ll get longer and hotter,

burn your fossil fuels to keep it pumping up stronger,

have a barbecue on the patio earth,

watch it burn while you’re cocooned on musk city moon.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

it started with a good summer