the inanimate object,

every living being.

without any judgement

on the first of our curses,

the root delusion,

our worldly verses.

our lives are paths

created by our past,

the actions we commit

out of spite, hate and spit,

the terrors of harm

we hammer down their arms,

comes back many fold

to push us back down.

forever desiring the impossible,

while convinced we’re just nominal.

imagine a place,

maybe in space,

maybe on the beach,

just a place of peace.

where is the hate?

where is the anger?

there’s little doubt,

debate the wisdom

that says that “I wish to be happy”,

pleading for peaceful prayers

to bless our tears,

and wash us with happiness.

judge all we want,

the effect will come,

whether we want it or not.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

judging everything