the irony of libertarianism is that it requires everyone to adopt a libertarian attitude to succeed


I have tried in the past to do this with very little success

to force anyone to adopt a particular attitude is the exact opposite to libertarianism

anarchy is what you have

the liberalism of the past becomes neolibralism with no social value systems outside a predator/prey paradigm

it is in essence the purest of all selfmade (serving) ways of life

trouble is it requires the precondition that the individual’s success is purely from their own merit, and not the help or work of others

we can chat about democratic socialism until we’re blue in the face

but shouldn’t we be red

depends which side of the Atlantic ocean you sit

colours, flags, nations, and races all inventions by one of our ancestors

did the dinosaurs have government

did they have police, health services, military, and society

maybe but there’s no evidence beyond bones and imprints

that’s how little our human ways will last if we are gone

what do we leave for the next species of archaeologists

I don’t believe dinosaurs had these things though

I like evidence

anyway all our human concepts are just that, concepts

no humans, no human concepts

no human society, no governments

nilhilism is pointless, self negating until you decide nilhilism is pointless

I prefer a self negating concept that is built on the premise that it is self negating

in this all truth can be found

truth is suffering

trust is to hope there is a solution

there is a solution

just look to those that make peace their way of life

peace and love

Anon, n.d., Anon, [a dark figure stood in the corner out of sight but watching for someone to notice them did not whisper these words into the ear of a person lying under a desk shivering in an unexplained icy draft terrified that their next move would be an everlasting nightmare], Anon: Anon

lobby of a library at 3:30am