looking back at the 2000s it struck me how much engagement there was with neolibertarian entertainment characters

[wpvideo 0OdoBox1]

so many acts that parodied their respective elitists so well we engaged with them

they’re possessors of the possessed

or possessed by the possession

either way, same thing

some leaders, one in particular is very good at this, he was capable of convincing everyone that he was entertaining

they enjoy the freedoms that come from taking the silver coin

I am not a Roman, I’m a Trinobantes

people died

truth can only be buried

and burnt

such horror in a nations past, does it help not to look

my ancestors died to make this a better country

how the f*** is returning it to the 1970s progress, f***ing thick as f***ing pig f***ing sh**e

anyway, something about shamanic people, all our ancestors believed the same stuff once

politicians wielding religion cut that one out

nothing divine there

one of my lines keeps going back a long, long way to the pre-roman Pretani, Celtic

there’s a bit of Celtic south east European in there

some north Nordic

and some southern Vikings, the Normans

{spits on the floor muttering something about dirty rotten smelly land barons}

Anglo-Saxon we seem to prefer, but there’s no way I’m allowing the f***ing invaders to take my Celtic away

f*** you, the Romans did all the work, now you lay claim to it and crush interlect

f*** the Romans

what have the Romans ever done for us…

f*** the homo sapiens

actually the last one sounded nice

so hello homo sapiens

where was I, omg

organised religion tries to cease power

it needs to be kept from power, it is not democratic

organised religion is there to service the community not take power from them

I will try to endeavour to never belittle anyone’s religion, if they are capable of reciprocating, but I’ll probably fail, there can be a lot of sh** in some organised religion

it’s possible that some of my ancestors roamed over this land before homo sapiens even got here

descendant of the Neanderthals

so where does my patriotism start

as a child of hardworking grandparents

hardworking parents

parent to someone else

far back in history some hominins went exploring

packed only their knowledge and wisdom given to them by their experiences

they won in the end and now dominate the entire planet

threatening all life on it with nuclear weapons and pollution

the earth has little fear of humans, it’s been there for explosions and toxicity way beyond human imagination

asteroids, solar flares, and supernovae are a problem

do you think the earth senses the sky for shattering consequences

what if humans really can do that to earth

would the earth have a defence mechanism

earth’s own immune system

as humans we are the pinnacle of earth’s evolution, so they say

so why are we attacking it

earth nurtured us, supported us as we grew

earth as mother, mother earth

and great big globs of panspermia sparking some babies that grew into dinosaurs and humans

we don’t need a saviour, we need to see our society as a tumour flooding the system of earth

the more we rip at her, pour shit in her waters, drain, poison, crush her, the more severe her reaction will be

the more we choke her, the more we choke ourselves

we are her and she is us

we are our mother’s children

the father… seems sadly absent

maybe he’s off to help a promising little exoplanet in a goldie-locks zone

I don’t deny the existence of God, I simply question his function if he did exist, and therefore his usefulness beyond a “thanks”

he’s a bit of a cad, a bounder, a bumbler, a buffoon, a sneak, a player, a charmer, a deceiver, a charlatan, untrustworthy, backstabbing, self-entitled little f*** who needs a lesson in good manners

anyone up to the job of dishing out cold custard to the metaversal persona that lays claim to creating this f***ing sh**show

may you be safe, may you be happy, may you be at peace with your world

Anon, n.d., Anon, [appeared in the invisible and indevisable space of the mind for a moment and returned to the unobstructed realisation that I’m an idiot], Anon: Anon

who care where I come from