methodology of my preferred communication

capitalisation is only suitable for expressing something loudly or as a visual aid for accessibility purposes

punctuation is limited to commas and apostrophes

anything can be a question

anything can be a statement

it’s influenced by post-modernist thinking but is not post-modern

it’s influenced by subgenre music and style trends from punk as an observant child

by ebm brought forth by electronic music of the 80s

darker tones in goth rock

lighter tones from the 90s

the industrial mix of the two in the 00s

the completely ignored 2010s

the approach of samsaric happiness towards the end

the darkness and loneliness of the 20s

I hope that the 2030s start swinging

and only identities will receive capitalisation

except stuff like me, you, him, her, or us

Anon, n.d., Anon, [heard by the man living under the couch], Anon: Anon

my first blog (as me)