will you read the notes,

check the papers,

do your research,

or try to make traces?

if I die young-ish,

of old ableist,

then it proves society,

does not deserve to be saved.

well done flower power generation,

your wish to pull down the system,

liberalism in the extreme,

pulled down all society instead.

clever boys and girls,

killed foreigners all by themselves,

drowned in water,

the slaughter,

of someone else’s daughter.

hide your shame,

blanketing your dark blame,

inappropriately cheeky,

becoming sneaky,

in someone’s dark and seedy game.

I’m different,

not quirky,

not funny,

just darkly referred to as honey,

a distant projection of some dark aim.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

not an autistic statistic