it is alright,
breeze is fresh,
sun is light,
beings are flesh.

darkness creeps up,
time antiquated one,
inhumanity you worship,
disaster demons begone.

what's the point,
heaven is lost,
roll that joint,
morality's been tossed.

soul is dying,
food is dwindling,
soil is drying,
starvation is beginning.

poverty is political,
blame the victim,
caring a miracle,
sink or swim.

teaching the sharks,
care about food,
we bare marks,
our fat chewed.

bad leaders go,
warning from history,
the people below,
know true bravery.

carers of all,
committed to care,
they stand tall,
even for billionaires.

least of people,
give thank you,
doing the abysmal,
needs more due.

unite the land,
seek more peace,
in compassionate hands,
may hatred cease.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

old song of the fae