when we look at the past,

we see fossils amassed,

paintings in caves,

primitive people, we say.

but is it not possible,

almost certainly as probably,

we only see what lasts.

so stone on stone paintings,

in caves dry and vacant,

look like the only stuff there was.

like oil based spray cans,

on old grey rock pans,

look like the only things we did.

hard drives don’t last,

things of the past,

they give up,

they all croak and corrupt.

we might’ve had big wooden ships,

whole cities floating,

a few hundred thousand years ago,

we’ll never know it.

if they existed

they’re rotted,

long before we came along.

what if that’s true,

how’d you prove it?

you can’t,

try to disprove it.

if evidence can’t be found

because it’s nature

rots into the ground,

is it fair to say,

in a mathematical way,

we’re assuming bollocks?

like seeing beyond the big bang,

or pinning down that electron gang,

is futile but true,

can’t deep human past be too?

maybe we lived in caves,

maybe we built cities with slaves,

“..maybe some of us reached the stars!.”

who knows?

maybe we’re our ancestor’s experiment,

their prime directive prevents their interference?

the past is unknowable fluff,

we’re too thick and stupid,

the galactic club don’t want us.

“..we have nutty ex-kgb threatening to nuke cities!.”

“..a p.m breaking down in number ten seems fitting!.”

people starving,

“..rich are saving..”

not our lives,

“..that they’re sacrificing!.”

“..maybe they want some big wooden ships..”

“..take them to mars, a one way trip?.”

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

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