I recently caught a SARS-COV-2 variant,

I have to say it was very unpleasant,

I wouldn’t want it again,

and again and again until one wins.

(I admit I would be the loser here, it’s a virus ffs, it don’t think.)

can I evolve faster than the virus?

do my cells have the ability to adapt fastest?

does it kill only the old or the physically weak?

is that you?

is that me?

I am one of those that wears a mask,

make me remove it and it’s a task.

some of us prefer it sterilised?

our immunity is substantially compromised,

be kind to us, we did nothing to deserve this.

a long distant life that we dreamt,

stories of tragedies wept,

a memory of a past that was never touched,

delusions of time never clutched.

I’ll wear my mask, I’m probably infected,

“..that t-virus finally got me ejected..”

probably caught it from some kind of drain,

or from the people who chose their freedom again.

still, “..mustn’t grumble, might wake the big baby..”

“..the little devil you put to run your pantry..”

“..don’t matter what face the fascist wears..”

“..they’ll always be bubblery-slime-flobbery-of-city-eton..”

“..collogue of old musky backsides all smothered in jazz..”

I’ll stop there, it’s not fair to fire satire at the topside,

especially when they’re so transparently lopside.

so as a kindness I ask,

please leave disabled folks to their masks.

your freedom is important to you,

but my life needs to last.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

rarely do I share