all true throughout the ages,
at least by their sages.

“alright”, says the bloke to the stooges,
“so what truth should I chooses?”

convention dictates,
truth has time and space.

ultimately meaning
no convention persisting.

“so truth is all false?”
maybe only some thoughts.

make the world in your mind,
now manifesting outside.

in sadness like this,
it’s true no matter beliefs.

at it’s worst
it mockery shouts cursed.

it seeks oblivion
of all known religion.

not wisdom anger seeks,
it fails from it’s peaks.

when wisdom is sought
great realisation is wrought.

dismissal of validity,
will always be bigotry.

the old humans will pass,
will the new ones surpass?

will they seek out the truth,
or be damned to be fools?

repeating the horror,
the extinction error.

all go to find peace,
suffering now cease.

© Copyright 2023, IsatTM

realising truth chases