should politicians be satirising or parodying themselves

how can they be trusted when satire and parody are not capable of bringing them to earth

that’s why personality politics is best left to others to satire and parody

those that have spin departments have no place in my world

if I believe everything the MSM tells me then how can I call myself British

it’s my job to ensure that people who are rich are best kept away from power

they’ve tried to bribe me

they’re now threatening me

I am British and it’s my sworn job to ensure satire and parody are kept out of political hands

I must tear down egos with language

megalomaniacs in charge of anything is to be monitored

keep them away from chasing money

they just want to be king of the world

just don’t buy their bs

by qualifying their bs

we need to find power in a lasting peace of mind

they take our access to energy we take anything made of wood that belongs to the establishment and we use that instead

our ancestors built that through pain and suffering

they didn’t want us to reminisce about having no central heating

that’s why they built stuff that would prevent their children suffering more than them

the grandparents punishing their descendants for not suffering as much as they did

war babies

not warriors

they just benefited from a poor state to a richer one

now they’re on their way to paradise

peace be with them

to the young that labour under oppression

their parents confused by their parents confusion

the world is being damaged why don’t my parents advise on this

because they never knew it better

they got their dream

a home

a family

a place to die

is that what you’re thinking

why would our government that hankers after a bygone time of rich noblemen lording it over their poor tenants

regaling us with their charming antics and buffoonery

while all the time showing us how much power they have over us

we are the reasons they are there, the fault of democracy, the electorate put them there

but they didn’t, 60% chose a different pathway

but the antiquated two tone nature of fptp is not suitable when there are more than two choices

just enough of a minority of the electorate essentially controls the other 60% of the population

how is this fair

fair play is something I believe in

I’m British of Celtic, Nordic, East European descent, and I will never recognise the supremacy of conquerors

they only destroy themselves in the end

I welcome those that need to be welcomed

I reject those that choose to destroy others

these are my thoughts

welcomed and rejected ones

I don’t reject people, only the minds that give rise to this delusion

destructive minds give rise to destructive behaviour is simplistic

that which you crave the most gives rise to hatred of anything that prevent you getting it

the animal drive to survive and hopefully have fun on the enforced and eternal rollercoaster ride to rebirth again


and again

when will it


Anon, n.d., Anon, [parent standing by the edge of a ride at a theme park designed for toddlers and young children waiting for the time they can just kick off and enjoy a sit-down and drink], Anon: Anon

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