social non pluralist,
moggs speaking the toriest,
everyone should be like him,
pompous swivel eyed buffoon.

what do you think a king thinks,
those old guy links,
the network of the smirks,
boris buffoon of the berks.

rule like a fool,
rishi incompetent tool,
there won't be any dishies
for the fish in your pool.

conservative must mean something,
tory's meaning, google it,
see it in the Irish dictionary,
listed under history.

conservatives drop the thieves,
you don't use them on the peeps,
we're your country,
one nation with a blue tree.

tory thinks f'off back to france
should be greeted with a dance,
morrissing it around
with blue eggs and gammon.

raise the spirits of these bums,
enabled by their mums,
proud to be calling them
their beautiful sons.

daughters standing tall,
pride is meant for all,
not naughty boys,
playing with their toys.

mental health is for women,
men stand tall
health is in your pocket,
just don't fiddle with it in public.

back to the point,
are you a conservative,
or just a whiny racist
with the charm of a rapist?

please note the difference,
the stupid will be at me with offense,
the wise make their minds,
not take it as red as trump whines.

strong men don't complain,
they get the great done, again,
a saviour will not be found
in that trumping ground.

btw, farage may stay,
we'll still have our cash,
he's right, it's a first,
but he's like a fox with a cat.

if I have to explain it, then I failed.

to gods in the sky,
may I ask why,
you keep flying around,
it's distracting the crowds.

to what's down below,
where the ice may blow,
where the fires burn coal,
where this lot will go.

no judgement means much,
especially from this privileged such,
they like to pigeon our souls
in their web of moulds.

the playbook of their goals,
never explained to a sod
what to do when your dead,
sobering surely to even
the dumbest of bods.

social conservative