goes spinning,

like a beach ball

about to hit a blue wall,

of death.

but I just need to reboot,

neuro-whatever has gone on the blink,

just need a specific experience,

one that settles the chemicals,

the one that drives some hormones.

the brain is quite dense,

all water and suspense,

tiny electric eels,

in a gloopy mess.

are you that?

my brain goes on the blank,

it’s a disability that

incapacitates me.

I don’t know sometimes,

it can be as simple as the look,

no words,

no kind.

just the divinity of bliss,

the reality of the mind,

something that needs saying,

sometimes I just need to be alone.

(..just not all the time..)

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

sometimes my brain