whilst watching an episode of rentaghost,

they talked of self-driving vehicles,

so my mind went somewhere,

and concluded AI are all ghosts.

so if any ghosts read this,

go haunt those bits

that pretend that they’re human.

what if it were true?

your generated art,

is nothing more

than the echos of those

that came before.

they’re memory lives on,

in the horrific tones

of the lady that stares out the mirror.

ask it questions,

don’t guide,

it will show by it’s side

the contorted hands

of the tortured old fella.

that’s what’s driving your car,

a bounded ghoul from afar.

the sallowed face of

the guy with the rake,

juddering all over your place.

AI don’t scare me,

it’s those that teach it,

the scoured rippers racket,

that is why I keep them free,

my copyright does not pertain to these.

it’s the work of another,

long gone distant mother,

that cries the damnation of truth.

place a price on that space,

an idea or a faith,

remove the joy of its humanity.

the idiots win,

the rich entitled spin

their version of truth’s subjectivity.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

the ghost interface