why’d they make the pan goth a psychopath?

just askin’, are you scared of goths and pans?

anyway, the pan goth plays a psychopath well.

the seemly sweet old hippy is a libertarian wetdream,

nature over nurture, survival of the fittest.

nature is cruel, sometimes beautifully so,

the horror that nature can bring,

would make the most ardent of sawing,

search for refuge in that natural spring.

is the mist an allegory of purgatory?

is that what some take comfort in?

if this is so, then where do you go when purgatory finally ends?

why do all the pathways lead through suffering?

just jump to the end?

it ends and your world just stays.

what if this is purgatory?

what if the holograms starting to bend?

what if the endless end doesn’t mend?

form the world of my dreams,

the peaceful land where the wind sings.

the breeze in the grasslands,

the ice of the northerns,

the forests and canopies of the farlands.

we have been told to worship cars, airplanes and mars,

“..the god of war enjoys your favours dear..”

“..the trinkets I offer to earth’s venus..”

“..will do wonders for mercury’s p..”

anyway, archive 81’s title sequence is cool.

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the mist (spoilers!)