just not good at stuff,

learning to be human,

it seems rough,

definitely something to blog.

better to be a scruff,

and not gary numan?

why not, he’s tuft enough?

been outside much?

not nearly recogged,

more out of touch?

a blind man’s buff,

satan’s bitch?

lucian’s itch,

or someone called susan?

I like numan, he’s human,

are you amused by smidge?

anyway, they’re a good dog,

not a clever dog,

or a competent one.

they do what they’re told.

so what do I hear?

is it best to have beer?

shed a tear?

abandon all fear,

let the peace draw near,

abandon suffering,

it’s poison within us,

in the ignorant’s kind,

in the coveting,

the summoning

of an ending.

be kind to the dogs,

they’re only food to the starving,

if society eats animals,

wagonfuls of dumb food,

mandibles of the nude,

savages of the prude.

call it proud,

shout it loud,

and make it rude!

Cee on a Bee,

Pee FoUoD OR See.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

they're a good dog