brexit did “got done”,

our enslavement won,

protect our borders,

we have our orders,

and incompetent enforcers.

restricted from the eu,

it’s a reciprocated pee-ew,

“..we didn’t want foreigners coming over ‘ere..”

so we got highly restricted there.

“’s our sovereign rights..”

and the eu bites.

“, pint glasses with crowns, er, pounds, er, miles of mounds..”

try the eu cracking down on tax avoiding clowns,

in the rich old tory’s dotage,

they drew up the drawbridge,

leaving others decimated and impoverished.

the tory ensures there’s more stupid,

temporary truths by the mentally wasted,

they defund education, offer fear of deviation,

“..parroting out fascism from their behinds!.”

creating the conditions for racism to arise,

be wary of these british falangists,

their arms pushing up their fists.

who’s the aggressor?

the neoliberalist dictator,

the oligarch maker,

“..lord of all grunts?.”

would I feel privileged to be murdered by these cunts!?

“..ya doing me a favour mate..”

I know that I’m late,

and I know being dead won’t stop me.

“..hunt you forever, now time to commit!.”

beware of the darkness, it don’t quit,

look at our world, do you disagree?

a lie to yourself is the worst deceit.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

May all those who have recently passed be blessed and take rebirth in the heavenly realms, may those that are left to grieve find peace and happiness.

trapped in the land of the deliberately stupid