what is an electron

why should they be all identical

if they are all just the same electron bouncing backwards and forwards in time

so positrons are just that electron on it’s way backwards

why ain’t there more positrons

also what is the edge this electron is bouncing against

the edges of time

the edges of space

the point at which spacetime becomes time and space

the final rip at the end of many interim stages in the life of this universe

back to a point where it is impossible to know anything before it due to the inflationary period of the universe

nothing can escape that is of this universe

not even light

maybe the universe shares similarities to blackholes

what if you looked into a blackhole and all you saw was your own face staring back for eternity

sounds like hell to me

but if you want to see just how bad it can get then by all means sit back and watch

sit back and consume

sit back and judge

sit back and troll

sit back and die

sit back and rot

sit back and disappear forever

sounds like hell to me

advise against extremist thinking

viewpoints are not binary systems

yinyang is not what empirialist translators translated

night and day

moon and sun

earth and sky

heaven and hell

good and bad

exciting and boring

reality is more nebulous

thoughts are like clouds

to the heart mind I returns to it’s emptiness

Anon, n.d., Anon, [carved on an ancient rockface in a language everyone could understand if they wanted to], Anon: Anon

acorns grow into something