when one person

or group

are wrongly appearing to be the source of our suffering, such as a political party or a totalitarian leader

they become both the most vulnerable and the most dangerous

the experience of suffering is mental

the source resides in our minds

ignorance can be cured by following the middleway

all phenomena appear this way

but ultimately their truths are merely appearance to mind

groundlessness is an intriguing term

reality ultimately is without permanency

my sense of self is nothing more than that

if we try to find the self that we associate with the most

we will only find an absence of objective self

we only experience appearance to mind

there is no more to the substance of our reality than this

this is my offering to the Buddha of wisdom, please guide me

Anon, n.d., Anon, [heard through the cracks in the wall of a temple somewhere in a remote part of a sparsely populated area of the human realm], Anon: Anon

tony thoomoo