is anything born,

of that moment?

there once was a claimant,

who defaulted on their payments,

now they can’t afford to live,

so they died.

bad credit rating, you see,

the powers that be, possibly,

decided to kill them,

a debt tragedy.

the rhythm of the words,

means nothing to birds.

if I choose to be able,

reconnect at the table,

chat history of course,

nay like a horse,

will they section me,

know that I’m sexually,

too diffuse a mentality?

big ripe bananas,

stewing in flowers,

what’s the total of cowards

cowering and covered in ham?

“..jay cee got biggy..”

“..back on the telly..”

“..batting for the nobs..”

“..silly old sod..”

cancel cultures not kind,

that’s all I can say.

“..fascists being able to speak!.”

that’s freedom of speech,

“ they can distort the truth!.”

“..pass me vermouth..”

“..burns well I hear..”

“..pass me a beer..”

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if rhyme has no form