dunno, conservatives obviously got distracted,

looking at their bank balances and taxes,

prudence turned to obsession.

the tories have to be fascists because it’s the only way they will retain power,

the young won’t vote for them,

the pensioners are dying for them,

the educated know what they’ve done,

the sycophant won’t notice until they’re done.

donated by tax avoiding non doms that won’t pay their way,

to a ruling elite that leads us astray.

sounds like we’re still ruled by foreign powers,

“..hey! gammon you think brexit is done?.”

“..you like being surfed by murdoch’s scum..”

“..you enjoy your hate poured by harms-worthlesses piss..”

watch as they reveal what they really think of you,

they want you to kill that mother over there,

you’re supporting the ripping-apart political-malware.

the tories end has to be concreted,

if you’re conservative know the tories need outing.

if you’re serious about this country stop fucking shouting,

talk to others,

understand you can’t have a majority government in a minority of hands.

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why did tories become fascists