may as well squawk

for all the good it does to my brain.

“ comment it says..”

with blank emotion stares

from those that tell me I mean so.

in this ponderous haze

I swim under that wave,

leaving nothing but masks all around me.

“..did you see the game last night?.”

“..nah! I was wanking all right!.”

straight into the rivers,

we see the wee,

“..and yer shit..”

“..self-entitled git!.”

pouring out of the island,

its pollution piles on.

the usa looks scarey,

abortion bans

and fatal fury.

the uk looks scarey,

it always ends up doing the same.

the eu doesn’t,

but why don’t we trust them?

“..they straighten our bananas..”

“..milk cream from our farmers..”

“..sample our pork (markets)..”

“ golden visas with porches..”

“..demand we give up our loot..”

“..make us play on their flute..”

“ our sanity (please)..”

“..make us use litres, meters, and sense..”

“..such nonsense?.”

at the core of the problem

lies the realisation,

the only thing we see

is the result of a myriad of causes,

all guided by our mind.

cause and effect do not occur at a fixed time,

“ if I hit you..”

I’d block and hunchback.

“..if I hate you?.”

depends where you’re going.

a peaceful place

of beauty and grace,

{..or the nightmares that never end..}

“..what’s the worst they can do?.”

just imagine the worst,

now imagine some more,

soon we’ll realise how much suffering we can endure.

“..someone will save us?.”

maybe we need to grow more,

and take care of ourselves,

and lift others from the flaw.

be a stronghold of faith, love and compassion,

with wisdom that stays passion.

“..tune into the vibe..”

“..far right are scared to survive..”

“..the old blokes with the guns..”

“..want us dead in the ground..”

{..the dead can come back..}

“..if you need a crap?.”

so this is why small talk

don’t work for me,

the reason I know why

is I can’t control the sea.

© Copyright 2022 InkeyString

"..why the small talk?."